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tv   Today  NBC  October 22, 2015 2:07am-3:00am CDT

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leah thompson with a game of "who knew." >> then we are going to catch up with the very handsome star from housewives. >> and if toxins and chemicals in your home worry you, we've got natural ways to keep yourself and your house nice and clean. >> plus liliana is here with a sneak peek at this dance troupe. you can't even believe what you're seeing. and her luxe for less suede for $50 or less. >> the reason, i'll give you a couple of words of wisdom real quick. >> since i had 20 minutes of sleep last night. >> people cry not because they're weak. it's because they've been strong for twooo long, by johnny depp. johnny depp. that's a johnny depp quote.
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>> you know, you hold back, you're tough, you're strong. >> it's natural to cry, by the way. god would not have given us tears let them go, let them go >> the reason we have these two beautiful trophies in front of us is because last night, kathie lee and frank gifford were both inducted into the hall of fame. so can we have a big round of congratulations? down on creation and thehenly explanation i c find is the lovov that i found ever s sce you've been arouou your love put me at the top of the world >> there's humping going on.. >> it's hump day. >> oh, my gosh. you guys were allhere last night. >> those are for you. ththe are for you, but they're
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there's more, lookk at thisis >> some champagne. >> i told jerry, he can no longer look he in theme in the eye. where did matt go? >> i'm over here.. >> how about your quque, kath? >> on the first two hours w we have a bookmark there. we have it marked off. >> it's so sweet. it means the world to me. i'll put it on twitter. >> you looked fantastic. i thought your speech, there are very few people who can take a room of how many thousand people of getting them laughing and then crying and leave them laughing again. it was fantastic and well deserved. >> and your kids, kath, they were amazing. >> they just so, they've been such a strength to me. there they were last night. and i kind of have to lock them up, i'm telling you. but it was difficult for all of
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us, because, you know, we keep our tears at home. and we keep our -- we really family. you do learn when you're in the spotlight like we've been. you learn how to keep the private, precious stuff at home. this was their first public outing, but they handled it just like their dad would have. >> we love you. congratulations. i'm taking them with me. >> like a little boy with his balloons. >> love you, matt. >> that's so sweet. >> can we hear a little of your speech? as always, you start off with a joke. take a look. >> good evening to everybody, and can i just say right off the bat, thank god i got this award before kelly ripa. [ laughter ] >> i mean, how embarrassing would that be?
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i get a laugh anytime i say her name. and when frank passed i got this bouquet of flowers i could barely fit in my house, white roses, just gorgeous, like 4,000 or something. it was from kelly and her husband mark, which was very, very, very sweet. >> matt was right. in this room, you have to know, when you go to one of these rooms at a new york event, there are plates clanking and forks and knives and people talking. >> they're trying to serve a dinner. everybody's standing up and they're in everybody's way. >> when kath gotot up to speak, the room went so quiet,@ you 4& could hear anye breaing, anyone moving, and it got poignant when you were talking about frank. >> i have to say my incredible husband who taught me so much, who is the most generous person i've ever met, and he gave me the two greatest gifts that any human being could ever have, and
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that's my chifrnlt my children make me a better person every day. they have turned, the hardest thing to do in the world is t raise two people, in this world we live in today, who love god, who love their country, who, i guess they've done a lot of bad stuff, but i don't know about it. [ laughter ] and i don't want to know, all right? i am truly the most blessed woman on the earth. i had 29 years with my incredible husband, and i rememberhinkinghen we getting married, i said rd, if yoyojust give me ten with that amazing mama i gotothatnd a whwhe bunch more. thank k you,u, everybody. d bless you l. thank you. >> oh. [ applause ] >> i'm going to take these out of youou hand a a put themight
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here. >> rhode island. [ lauguger ] >> chucky g gen taught me that joke so many years ago. if ever you're giviv a bouquet, now think of the words you're supposed to say, thank you, thank you so much. from rhode island for the win. i thought it was funny, and it still is. you can pick whatever state you want. >> the whole entire speech is on our web page. cody and cassidy accepted frank's award. they were incredible. >> they didn't trust themselves to speak extemporaneously. >> they were both terrific. and it was just, what a night. >> what a night. >> you know you're going to love your children, but to see them love and care for one another, especially as they're adults and so involved in each other's lives, and i think we have a picture, too, hoda, don't we? you know what? when you wing it --
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>> is that -- >> when you wing it, the one thing you're in fear of is that you're going to forget somebody, and i couldn't sleep all last night because i forgot two things. i forgot to say something my daddy had said to me, which was, surround yourself with people that are smarter and mortal ante more talented than you are and they will make you look good. i wanted to say that before i talked about regis, and the other thing i wanted to say thank you christine maria gardner epstein. she is ingrained in our family. on the day cody was born, she came to live with us. and she has become such a dear friend, and i think back on the 25 years since she joined me how much life happened, how much of my career happened. i truly, she hates to be applauded. she hates to be -- but i would not be alive today if it weren't
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for christine, and neither would my kids, and some of the other people who are watching at home that make our life work. and love hh childrenmy children as their own. and, you know, at a time lik this you start to count your blessings. you can either concentrate on what you've lost in life or you can concentrate on what you still have. and i am the most blessed woman in the whole world, i am, hoda, and you are a big part of it. the rest of you not so much. but hoda is. [ laughter ] can we talk about regis for a minute? >> real quick. regis was hysterical last night. he came up there and just started doing whatever regis wanted to do. >> oh. regis, you guys were hosting. he was commentating or commenting about everybody a all their, how they looked, how long their speech was, what
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their speech was about. >> why won't i i ever end? i didn't know you could hear him. it w w so awful. and by the way, i come down after a a theress to come sit at the table, to get ready for the event, and guess what's greetingng me on the t tle when i get there? hodada big-what arere those called? curlers. >> she sat itn my plate. >> i thought you just l lt them. >> and the whole ing's done, i'm exhausted. kids walk me to thee room. i'm going to go to bed. therers hoda's big bag she left in my room. >> piles. what a mess. anyway. >> it was a great nighgh >> what a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful night. >> i'm so grad itlad it's over. but congratulations to everybody else, who didn't deserve it as much, but so many amazing people. [ laughter ] no eye contact, i'm telling you.
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even you, james. >> she's a legend, a broadcasting legend. find out tests you can do right now. and this hollywood hunk is aging like a fine wine. he's james denton, and we're happy he's here with us. a sneak peek at his halloween special right after this.this. mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right i know blowdrying fries my hair, but i'm never gonna stop. because now i've got pantene shampoo and conditioner the pro-v formula locks moisture inside my hair and the damage from 100 blow-dries is gone.
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stunningly youthful. award-winning skin. never settle for anything less. the regenerist collection. from the world's #1. olay, your best beautiful now to the hollywood star who makes women melt, and men. come on. his tools. james denton. >> he first showed up assandy man on desperate hououwives. look and lingerer but jamess has gone from wistetea lane t t livivg next toto witchehe > we heard that was sometimes the case on the othth show. but he's back for season two of his hallmark show "good witch." and he's taken interest in the witch next door who's offered
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suggestions on fatherhood. >> i had this great idea, for nick and i to dress up as a knight, and he shot me down hard. he as's trying to make up for lost time. and that's not working on any level. >> it depends on what you're trying to make up for. >> meaning? >> could it be that this is too much about you and not enough about nick? >> maybe, probably. yes? >> yes. >> give me a story line about a selfish man, self-absorbed. >> she's a good witch. she always knows more than anybody. but she's able to do it in a very loving way, guide you in the right direction and it's a fun show. >> you're having fun at hallmark. >> they do such a great job. >> they know their market, don't they? >> there's a need for this uplifting family stuff. and randy pope, they're really, what they're doing, they're
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filling a big need. >> i wish they'd return my calls! >> she's waiting. >> i'm a legend now! >> byhe way, some people pointed out that the man's always bigger than the woman. >> what? >> i didn't notice it until somebody pointed it out. >> that can't be. >> we'll bring it back and show you. >> congratulations by the way. i love it when the good guys win. and you are one of the good, always wonderful. >> in addition to hallmark stuff, are you a dog lover. so you're working on something with beth stern >> beth is amazing. >> authentically a pet lover. >> and works so hard to save cats and dogs. it's on hallmark in a couple weeks, and it's giving awards to all these fantastic animals, service dogs. >> the service is amazing. >> they reunite soldiers with the dogs. wh the soldiers come home, the dogs are left in the middle east, often.
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and the humane association. it's just a matter of logistics and expensive. so they pay about $5,000 a dog to get the dog back to the soldier. >> and the reunions. >> it's a lot of bobo of kleenexs. > i have a soggy onef you wantnt >> we'll play a a quick game called which witch. which witch wouldld you rather ride on t t broomstick with. is it cher orlvira? >> cher. >> ding, ding, ding. >> which would you rather have cast a spell on you? >> i've had an elizabeth montgomery thing since i was a kid. >> next, which witch would look better after an ambush makeover? >> ooh, ooh. >> angelica houston is the one on the left. >> i don't know. >> either one needs it.
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let's move on. >> which witch do you want to share a brew with, the team from hoke us poke us? >> i love bette midler. >> and the awards air october 30th. how well are you aging? >> not well. >> we'll help you figure that out. plus new guidelines on mammograms. and it's 1985 all over again when we take a trip with leah thompson. >> uh!>> uh! been pretty good. yeah, no complaints. we've always had a lot of fun, but i wanted to try something new. and i'm into that. so we're using k-y love. it's a pleasure gel that magnifies both of our sensations. right, i mean, for both of us, just... yeah, it just takes all those awesome feelings you usually feel and it just makes them... rawr...
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> you knoww howt is, the older we get thehe more thihis
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>> what are you talking? whether you feel older than yourr years, i is not necessarily an indicator of how your body is aging. >> four tests that you can do now. christina anderson is here. >> and professor of medicine, dr. row she raj. >> before we get into the aging questions we want to get to. there's news about mammograms. now they're saying at 45 shoulding your first mammogram. do you agree or not? >> personally, i don't agree. there are three different big groups that talk about these guidelines. the american cancer society is now saying 45. a group of obstetrics and gynecologists are saying 40 and another group is saying 50. the harm of doing it too early
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we're finding a lot of tumors that people find don't cause overall harm to the woman. i still think 40 is the number. it's an individual decision. >> i have four people in my life that i love so dearly, if they hadn't got and mammogram when they got them much earlier than these guidelines, they would not be here today. >> i agree. >> i completely disagree with this. >> i agree. >> let's take the four tests, shall we? >> no. >> these are four simple at-home tests that anyone can do. and they really are testing your balance and great indicators for overall well-being. the first one. >>8what should we do. standing balance test. so you stand with both feet on the mat. and we're going to cross our arms. and, as we lift one leg, we'll start a timer, and the goal is going to be 30 seconds. >> oh, no way. >> ready? set, go.
2:28 am
>> front? >> yep. >> this isn't working out w wl. >> don't bump me! couldn't doo this when i was > that's only 10 seconds? >>e get it! what's nene. >> we talk a aut agigi and our hair color anan you know, the wrinkles, balanceces really important. one in three americans over 65 fall every year. it can be devastating in terms of medical consequences. so it is important to check it. >> the second one is standing up from the floor test. it sounds easy. we s srt cross legged. i'll demonstrate. >> you don't have to do it, kathie lee. >> without using your hands. ready? >> are you allowed to turn around like this? >> that tests your core strength. >> let's sit in these chairs. >> the next test is the get up and go test.
2:29 am
>> about 30 seconds. >> and the goal is to stand up, walk ten feet, come around and sit down again. >> what? >> let's see if we can do it. ready? without using your hands. ready, set, go. >> where are you going? >> she went too far. >> and remember, this is testing your lower body strength. your core strength. >> two! >> we did it in eight! >> balance can be sign of neurologic issues, medication side effects. >> and you can do this. >> you can do it brushing your teeth. >> to see more tests on aging go to klg and we're celebrating 30 years of back to the future with leah thompson.
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she's such a show off.w of
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are taking back with who knew. it is back to the future day. in the second installment they land on october 21, 2015. it's also the 30th anniversary of the original back to the future, which, by the way, was the highest grossing film of 1985. so we're celebrating all things 1985. kathie lee's across the street and going to handout $1$1 to any onon who gets t t q qstions right. and evererne who plays wilil get a copy of the back to the future trilogy 30th annivivsary edition available on blu-ray and dvd. here in the studio wiwi me is the actress wholayed marty's mom, lorraine mcfly, leah thompson. >> hello!o! >> are you excited? >> yes. >> let's go back to the future. >> lovely lady from indiana. marty mcfly traveled to 1955 and
2:32 am
what name does lorraine call him? >> c, calvin. >> right, leah? >> it's written on his underwear. purple underwear. >> i like it. kath, back to you. >> where are you from? >> alabama. >> in april 1985. coca-cola introduced a new version of its cola and called it "new coke". how long was it on sale? five months? a year, five years? >> a year? >> not even. they realized pretty quickly it was not a good idea. >> we like old coke. old coke is the way to go. >> it was three months. >> did you ever taste that stuff? >> yeah. it was nasty. >> what about tab? did you drink tab? >> no. no tab. >> in isthis is confusion. where are from you?
2:33 am
>> are these with you or did you just find them? >> no, they're mine. >> too much stuff. thank you. back to the future was the highest grossing movie in 1985, when you guys weren't even around, what was the second highest? you won't know. was it rocky iv, cocoon? >> a? >> no, but you're going to have so much fun with all this stuff. >> so the second-highest grossing movie was? >> rambo! rambo first blood two. what kind ofame is that? >> did youuys think you were going to be the numberr one grossing movie? d you feel? no. it was crazy. all summer long we wereumber e except for onene week which wasuropean vacation. >> dooeople still stop you and ask you about back to the futurere >> sometimes.
2:34 am
>> we have fans from ft. meyers florida who remember you. >> the golden girls first appeared on tv in 1985. which of these desserts did the ladies often indulge in? >> ice cream sundaes. >> no. >> enjoy. >> so the correct answer is? >> it's cheesecake. >> hello, leah. yes, it was. >> pretty fattening, cheesecake. apparently, they didn't really like it. >> it wasn't their favorite? >> no. >> you have a finale coming up. >> the switched at birth finale, what's interesting at season four is we shot two endings, and we don't know if they're picking up the show. we're going to have to watch it on monday to see whether or not they picked up our show or not. >> and you're doing a little directing? >> yes, i've directed my two daughters. my daughter madeline wrote a script and i directed them in
2:35 am
>> did they listen to me? >> they listened it was great. it's pretty much hollywood heaven. >> from the 1985 to 1958 and the world famous al minnelli dance company is going to showus moves. and we're going au naturale with products. have leah stay there. her biggest fan in the world from new jersey is here. i'm going to drag him across the street to say hello to you, okay? [cheers and applause] >> thank you, everybody!ybody! in a world that's trying to turn you into someone new... hair color wants to help you keep on being you. nice'n easy. we only make the most real natural looking color. so even in revealing sunlight, it doesn't look like hair color at all. it looks like, it's a hundred percent you.
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buying all natural organic
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products is not just a fad anymore. for many, it's a way of life. >> year' gowe're going to show you some of the best products with amy goodman. >> awesome. so often you see this stuff in the grocery store and wonder, should i get it or should i not? >> give it a try. because it's safer and safer for the environment. all of our products have the stamp of approval from the environmental working group. and in many cases, they do just as good work as their chemical cousins. >> are they a little priceierpricier? >> in some cases, yes. >> this is pure tergent. it's all plant powered. it's for your whites, colors and delicates as well and smells amazing. >> i like the packaging. >> it saves on 75% of packaging, just based on this alone.
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let's say if you are sensitive to fragrance, this is fragrance free, from seventh generation. no fragrances. no toxins and no chemicals either. >> how do you keep the static cling out of your clothes in the drier. >> you're going to use a fabric softener. this is a plant-based product. and another great option when it comes is a seventh generation free and clear. when it comes. >> drier balls. >> that's what i like. they are drier. >> they are made from wool. you throw these into your drier. it speeds up your drying time by about 25%. can you add essential oils to these. and then it's going to make your clothes fragrant. >> i like that idea. >> if you like a wet drier sheet, these don't have any animal fats or wax or toxic chemicals. >> the others do? >> they might. they might.
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>> and we're washing our dishes. >> we like the of tabs. it's the smarty dish. and they're easy to use and naturally derived. this is a liquid version for your dishwasher, and there's no phosphates and no bleach in this. zoo so it's good. it has a lemon grass scent. it's going to make your kitchen smell like a spa. anybody at home who's never used a green product ever and finds this might be a lot at that take in. start with a dish soap. small changes, big impact, this, again, is from our beloved seventh generation, $3, right? this is from mrs. meyers, this is $4 and clean day. this is an amazing degreaser. it contains soap bark extract. one of nature's most powerful degreasers. >> what a great idea. >> that's a great way to start.
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so this is bioclean, an all-purpose spray. uses citrus power to clean your kitchen. this is kind of a concentrated cleaner. you can mix with baking soda or water to clean all different areas of your home, including everything from the counter tops down to the floors. and this has a scent of pine. >> that's fantastic. >> now this is moving into the bathroom. and here we have natural deodorant. so we have, this is powered by essential oils and minerals, keeps the odor-causing bacteria at bay. we have bad in the moon. it's powered by baking soda and essential oils. >> the rest of the stuff you can see on our website. >> it makes you think about all the stuff you're putting on you. thank you. coming up, they are all naturals when it comes to moving your feet. >> we take you behind the scenes
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in 1958, dancer and choreographer alvin shuttled his dancers from stage to stage. >> they have performed for more than 125 million people in 48 states and 71 countries. >> and our littlelyttle little jean got an inside peek. >> you'll find the heart and soul, led by robert battles. >> what does it take to be an alvin alley dancer? >> you are looking for that dancer who is hungry, able to reach beyond the foot lights and touch people so they remember it
2:45 am
and they want to come back again and again. >> dancing here requires intense rehearsal, six hours a day, five days a week to perfect 23 different dances. beyond the test of the body, it's a test of the mind. >> when you come to a performance you get the gamut of not only what you see but what you hear. sometimes people don't remember what you did, but they remember how it made them feel. >> an estimated 23 million people worldwide have felt the ali's work. one of the most celebrated dance ever created. before robert battle was judith janiceson. >> one movement of her arm can tell the lifetime of a story or another.
2:46 am
that's why alvin alee was interested in her. >> battle is now responsible for keeping alley's traditions alive. the anniversary was contagious, and after a few minutes, i knew i wanted to be part of the alley magic. >> the girl with the umbrella, i got it. >> thankfully, a real life couple were up for showing me the ropes. >> what is this costume for? >> this is the coat that comes over this very sexy dress that i have to wear. >> and this is actually your costume. >> yes, it's the dress, the jewelry. >> i love feathers and rhinestones, and nothing makes me happier than this. >> but playtime was over and it was time for practice. >> he's like, it's not like that at all, actually. >> after words of encouragement --
2:47 am
>> i was feeling pretty confident, until -- >> oh, no. [ laughter ] >> look who just walked into the room. >> back and up. down. beautiful. >> okay. count me in. >> it's beautiful! [ applause ] >> that was awesome. thank you. >> what do you think? wait, wait, wait. million dollar question, am i hired? >> you, you are something else. [ laughter ] >> and even though i didn't get a spot in the company, i did get the last dance. >> woo! >> oh, my gosh! >> that was fantastic.
2:48 am
>> i took ballet when i was younger, he made my dancer life. he was unbelievable. >> you weigh a pound! >> if you want to see them, their annual season begins december 2nd. they're touring 20 u.s. cities starting in february. so definitely check them out. and then these, okay, the girls dance with these. you shimmy, you wrap, you shoot it out and snap it back. >> wait, ow! >> shimmy, shimmy, snap, wrap it out. we're all hired. robert, we're coming for you. >> liliana's not done yet. we have luxe for under $50. >> she snapped into my mouth.
2:49 am
>> looks good on you.ou. we haven't spent enough time with liliana. she's back with suede. >> bohemian fabric of the '70s is all the rage again, and liliana's going to show you how to get the look for less. >> everything is under $50. and suede is "the" texture of the season. let's start with clothes. so this suede vest from target, under $35. so cute, and i love the texture on it, belted. and she also has the over the knee boots. and we have the suede, a faux suede dress. it has that really soft texture. it's really comfortable. >> beautiful. >> ladies, excellent work.
2:50 am
>> my favorite accessories, shoes, these are over the knee boots. they're new to the united states, based out of ireland. $36 for these, really affordable. and i love a booty. i know you're not sold on the bootey. but they are affordable. >> i like the classic ones. >> and you've got to spray all that stuff, right? >> you do if it's real. if it's faux, you don't have to! >> now let's talk about accessories. i love the idea of doing suede jewelry, it's really unexpected. from nickel and and a great real suede bag with fringe. if you look for small accessories, they're affordable. these are key chains. i monogrammed them. >> coming up tomorrow, elvis duran's artist of the week.
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how to prevent both. my mission is simple, so make you money. i'm here to level the plague field for all investors. there ialways a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. i'm cramer. welcome to mad money. my job is not just to educate one but to teach you in context. we're getting a pretty clear formula for what's working and what's not. >> sell, sell, sell. >> including on a day like today where the dow sank 4.8 points. it was a stunning reversal. it's fascinate to go watch this formula play out. in other words, it makes sense, but only for a few days before
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